Highlighted Feature Video: Alias Unit of Measure

Highlighted Feature Video: Alias Unit of Measure

Tracking the same item with multiple units of measurement can be confusing, inaccurate and overall difficult to manage. ScanForce solves this problem with Alias Unit of Measure. Simply scan a barcode, and ScanForce knows the item, unit of measure and the multiplier.

For example:  Item 1234, Case Pack, 12 eaches per Case Pack.

How it works:
Leveraging the Alias Item record in Sage, create an Alias and then choose the Unit of Measurement. Then indicate a multiplier for that Unit of Measure. The system now knows that whenever that Alias is used, whether in Sage or on a scanner, the quantity should be multiplied by that factor.

Watch this 2.5 minute video to see it in action!

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