Highlighted Feature Video: Wave Picking

Highlighted Feature Video: Wave Picking

Many ScanForce users can see tremendous gains in efficiency by using Wave Picking, which allows you to group Sales Order together so you can pick more than one at a time. This can reduce unnecessary trips back and forth across the warehouse, leading to faster order fulfillment.

How it works

Option 1: Create the wave from withing Sage 100 by selecting which orders should be included for picking. The warehouse can then select the wave from a list on the mobile device, and the picker will then be directed to which items to pick and in what order based on bin location by way of Directed Picking.

Option 2: Create the wave right from the handheld by selecting the orders you'd like to pick for that wave from a list on the device.

As orders are picked, order status in Sage is updated wirelessly.

Watch this ~4 minute video to see it in action.

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