We purchased the ScanForce barcoding software and equipment in May of 2012. It has been, in my opinion, the single best purchase our business has ever made to improve efficiency and accuracy with inventory in our business. Not only has it eliminated the errors that comes with manual entry, it has made our remotes sales people responsible for their own customer invoices and truck inventory. No more finger pointing! It is easy to use and problems have been virtually non-existent. If I ever do have a question or need help with a problem, their response time is not hours or days, it is minutes. Their customer service is second to none!

Fitzgerald Inc.

ScanForce saved us thousands of dollars when we integrated ScanForce’s software with our warehouse order fulfillment and systems. It has saved time and money by eliminating erroneous items for our customers and invoicing. The help desk is always courteous, responsive and knowledgeable.

We couldn’t have met the demand for 15% increase in sales last year without ScanForce.


ScanForce has been instrumental in allowing us to offer our clients a Bar Code Solution. Steve does an outstanding job during the demo process, ensuring that the client has a complete understanding of all the features and functions of the solution. The implementation process is very simple, which allows us to move the client to a live environment in a very short time frame. The product is very stable, but when support is needed, ScanForce support does a great job in addressing the issues so the client does not encounter any downtime. ScanForce is a trusted resource and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Bar Code Solution.

MicroAccounting Solutions

Our ScanForce scanners simplify the entire process and save time for all department in our company, from our Distribution Center to our Stores and then our Business Office. The fact you can scan and be connected right into Sage is a huge benefit.

Using the wireless barcode scanners are easy to use and don’t require any additional steps to sync with POS terminals or Sage.

If our managers manually order items, there’s no way to track inventory. The ScanForce scanners can help connect our stores to our distribution center’s inventory so we can monitor which products are selling quickly and should be restocked soon.

The customer service given from the ScanForce Tech Team is – amazing! We are truly impressed how knowledgeable, polite and helpful they are on every phone call!

Cheers Boston

As our clients’ needs change and their business grow, automating has become a competitive edge while reducing operating costs. Working with ScanForce, we were able to help a food maker improve their business model, expand their territory, and land a 145 store grocery account. ScanForce handheld technology is now their exclusive method of order entry, store delivery, and truck inventory replenishment.

The ScanForce solution is flexible and scalable, permitting our client to begin with a few units and rapidly expand with virtually no additional learning curve. Custom modifications to meet specific needs have been quickly deployed making the automation workflow even more effective. ScanForce installation, training and support has been timely and appreciated by our client.

ScanForce is a valuable partner that helps us help our clients run their business better.

DSD Business Systems - San Jose

ScanForce has continued to offer our clients an excellent turnkey warehouse management option for Sage 100. ScanForce provides a “plug and play” solution combined with excellent support and training. By partnering with ScanForce we have an excellent solution for existing clients, as well as a viable option for potential clients looking at Sage 100 needing WMS functionality.

The LLB Group

ScanForce has helped our business achieve bar coding customizations to suit every customer we have to date! The ScanForce Team is always friendly, courteous, and above all, very knowledgeable. The ability to utilize handheld scanners integrated with our Sage system is vital for automation and to reduce errors, and ScanForce has successfully assisted us in achieving that goal repeatedly.

Exodus Direct

Just wanted to let you know how helpful your associates are. Also, since implementing your system we have nearly eliminated our issues with pick errors.

I give the ScanForce team a big thumbs up!!!!!!!!

Balega International

ScanForce is a great tool that Sabre Plumbing & Heating uses in receiving. We use it to scan pretty much everything that comes into the building.

Recently, our server went down and we had to manually check everything in, which took a great deal longer, so this software saves us in labor costs. It is VERY easy to teach people to use; very easy to navigate through and understand altogether. I can honestly say, and I speak for the receiving team as well, that ScanForce is a great investment to make.

Thank you for a wonderful product!

Sabre Plumbing and Heating

75% of our orders from customers come from the scanners. This makes the ease of billing orders to customers much faster and with less errors.

Our customers have all expressed a lot of positive feedback with using these scanners as opposed to faxing and phoning in orders. All have said that it is much faster for them instead of hand writing their orders or sitting on the phone.

The support we received from you guys has been outstanding. Both myself and customers have spoken to support and if we are ever having any issues, you are always quick to respond and have all issues resolved in a timely manner.

I can’t imagine what our business would be like now without the scanners. It definitely has been a great benefit to us in helping service our customers in a timely matter as we work in a very fast paced environment.


The customer service that ScanForce provides is superior to customer service from any of our other hardware or software suppliers.

When they say they are focused on making the ScanForce product work in your environment they mean it; they will work with you until their product functions well for your business.

The software of course integrates well with Sage, but the major selling point is their customer service—thorough, pleasant, extremely helpful – just like customer service should be.

Lexco Bike