Highlighted Feature Video: Outbound Serialization

When you need to track individual items for warranties and other detailed traceability related to a sales order, but do not want or need to use a Serialized Inventory Valuation Method in Sage 100, ScanForce Outbound Serialization is the perfect fit.

How it works:
Simply indicate with a checkbox in Inventory Maintenance that an item is marked for Outbound SN Tracking, and ScanForce WMS will prompt and capture the serial number when picking and/or shipping that item.

How to clean your mobile devices

One of the benefits of ScanForce is that Sage 100cloud and Sage Intacct users have their own individual logins. Once logged in, the device they are on will recognize them and display the features and data relevant to that user. Any activities performed on any device will be associated with the user name they are logged in under.

Voile Manufacturing Saves “Countless Hours” with ScanForce (Audio)

Voile Manufacturing is a manufacturer and innovator of the splitboard, backcountry skis, telemark bindings, and avalanche rescue equipment.

Their General Manager, David Grissom, recently sat down with our own Shaun Garrity to talk about his journey to warehouse automation with ScanForce and Sage 100. You can read the transcript below, or just click the play button to hear it in his own words.

ScanForce Welcomes Errett Thomas to the Team

As our team continues to grow with key, strategic hires, we are thrilled to announce the addition of Strategic Business Account Manager Errett Thomas to the ScanForce Sales Team! Errett will be working closely with many of our Sage business partners to help them identify needs their customers have around barcode scanning and mobile warehouse & sales automation and apply the appropriate ScanForce solutions to fit those needs.

ICYMI: Watch ScanForce Production Management Automation

In one of our most well-attended webinars in company history, we recently introduced our new solution to automate Sage Production Management for Sage 100cloud.

See our previous blog on the topic: Production Management Automation for Sage 100cloud is here!

In this 30-minute webinar, you'll hear from Timothy Harfield, head of Product Marketing for Sage 100cloud, on how Sage Production Management helps manufacturers achieve visibility into the production process.

From Celebrity Encounters to Why Speed Counts: Our Interview with 90 Minds

For nearly a decade, ScanForce has been a member of 90 Minds, a member-only community for ERP consultants and resellers. We get a lot of value out of this group because the majority of the members are our business partners who recommend our solutions. Participating in the 90 Minds community helps us get insights into ways to make our products and services even better.

What Amazon could learn from ScanForce

Amazon is arguably one of the highest volume warehouse operations on earth. But certainly when it comes to warehouse efficiency, bigger doesn’t always mean better.

Just watch ~60 seconds of this clip (it should start playing around the 9:20 mark - some parts after 11:15 are NSFW!) from a recent episode of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”, where a seasonal Amazon employee shares how it was not unusual for him to walk 15 – 17 miles a day during a 10-hour shift:

Watching this clip made us feel even better than ever about the things we do for our customers because it illustrates one of the warehouse scourges that we battle daily: inefficient picking processes.

Warehouse Wizard Series – Part 6 of 6: Free Tools for Sage 100cloud to Optimize Inventory

Did you know that there are a number of free tools that were previously only available as add-on purchases but now come "out of the box" with Sage 100cloud?

Two such tools that you already own (but may not know it) as part of your Sage 100cloud subscription are:

DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin Basic by ScanForce
Sage Inventory Advisor Basics by Sage Inventory Advisor

Check out this infographic to learn more, and make sure you're taking advantage of all the functionality these solutions offer to help you avoid costly inventory mistakes.