8 Benefits of Empowering Your Field Sales Team with a Mobile Sales App

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8 Benefits the Mobile Sales App Provides

It’s hard to deny the importance of technology and innovation when it pertains to business operations. With everything being on-demand, mobile devices and mobile sales are here and here to stay. Customers expect instant product ordering with real-time order confirmation. If your business isn’t able to provide real-time sales and processes, it is bound to be left behind. The ability to provide your sales team with your product catalog electronically, including updated inventory counts, as well as instant purchasing from your inventory, is not only needed, but required. The technology-driven world is here to stay, and there’s little doubt about that.

Mobile Sales App in a Technology World

In today’s competitive business environment, information is power. The emergence of IoT technologies and improved availability of reliable wireless connectivity have empowered all sales teams to use mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to more efficiently and effectively transact with customers in real-time. This changed landscape not only shifts the focus of service and capabilities but also increases benefits to both the business and the customer. A Mobile Sales App can provide streamlined transactions for both sides from pre-purchase consideration through check-out and communicate what is happening in the field to your ERP system so that businesses can make smarter, more informed decisions. 

How can Implementing Mobile Sales Software Impact Sales Performance?

In a workforce where efficiency—and inefficiencies—directly impact the bottom line, accurate and effective selling processes are essential. The more efficient the process, the more likely it is to increase sales performance. Implementing the right mobile sales solution can have many benefits including:

  • Improve Inventory Visibility – Through the use of real-time inventory data on hand, sales members can access inventory across multiple warehouses on-demand to see where stock is at any given time. 
  • Enhance Client Relationships – The client can be more hands-on with a mobile sales app than with a paper-based process. Involving the client in the process of choosing products and placing orders is the best way to create a sense of closeness and trust.
  • Access to Product Information – Gain real-time access to photos, descriptions, specs, and pricing or promotion details.
  • Improve Close Rates – Adjust orders immediately and complete transactions while you are still with your client. 
  • Correct Information Mistakes – Whether it’s client, product, or order information, a mobile sales app provides functionality to make immediate corrections to reduce errors and mistakes moving forward which leads to increased customer satisfaction. 
  • Reduce Delays in Sales Data Communication – Send transactions to your ERP or other enterprise systems in real-time eliminating the need to create and process paperwork that is filed at the end of the shift by a data entry person or sales team member. 
  • Sell from Anywhere at Any Time – Offline mode functionality enables sales members to conduct business even when the internet is inaccessible. The mobile sales app will continue to collect transactions and batch post them when connectivity is restored. 
  • Create a Greater Customer Experience – Collect and gather data on the spot so you have a comprehensive customer profile in your ERP system. This empowers the sales member to sell smarter by offering products and promotions based on customer purchasing history while creating trust and loyalty.

Key Features of Sales Mobility At Your Fingertips 

ScanForce Mobile Sales App provides your sales team efficient operations at their fingertips. By using the right solution, you allow enhanced processes and smooth transactions. The ScanForce Mobile Sales app boasts several industry-leading features including: 

  • Seamless Integration – Access critical data including customer information, specific price levels and inventory availability with ease.
  • Wireless and Mobile – Access data in real-time from anywhere at any time including the ability to function in batch mode with data/customer lookup and validation when disconnected from WiFi or service.
  • Mobile Device and OS Agnostic – Compatible with any device: smartphone, tablet, or ruggedized mobile computer, as well as any OS: iOS, Android, or Windows.
  • Quoting and Invoicing Control – Accurately create quotes, sales orders, invoices, and credit memos, plus the ability to view customer contact info, inventory, images, and purchase history.
  • Proof of Delivery – Signature capture to electronically verify and record when your products were delivered and received.
  • Third-Party Integrations – Established integrations into Avalara sales tax automation and many others.

Improve Your Warehouse with ScanForce 

Sell in the field, showroom/counter sales, on the trade show floor, or anywhere where your customers are ready to buy. Accurate and effective selling processes are essential to your bottom line. Providing your salespeople with the ability to view and sell the right quantities, capture signatures, and print receipts will not only improve customer satisfaction but will significantly boost your profit margin. The technology norms and expectations of the current world require businesses to be able to complete full transactions digitally and in real-time. ScanForce Mobile Sales creates the opportunity for your business to meet the demands of your customers. 

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