A Day in the Life of ScanForce Support

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Having powerful software is excellent, but hiccups are inevitable in business. Whenever you run into issues, having a team you can count on is critical. At ScanForce, support has always been one of our main priorities. Read on to learn real-life issues the ScanForce support team has helped customers overcome.

Common Support Issues

Many issues brought to the ScanForce support staff are related to data, infrastructure, or Sage issues. Here are a few examples and details on how our outstanding support team resolved these issues.

Data Issue

One example of a data issue a customer experienced was data fields that wouldn’t print in the proper locations on a shipping document. After a ScanForce support team member reviewed this ticket, they determined this issue was caused by a pipe character ( | ) in the Ship To Address field that was shifting columns. This support ticket came in overnight and was reviewed at 8 am the following morning. Our team was able to resolve it in 5 minutes.

Infrastructure Issue

Another common issue our support team often sees is caused by infrastructure issues. For example, a ScanForce customer filed a support ticket detailing batches that didn’t post automatically. A support team member remoted into the customer’s server and found the printer used to print batch reports was no longer mapped on the server. Our team re-mapped the printer within 10 minutes of receiving the ticket and cleared up the issue.

Sage Issue

While ScanForce and Sage software work together seamlessly, occasionally, issues crop up when trying to import data into Sage. One customer experienced an issue when importing their shipping data into Sage. The ScanForce support team acted immediately and discovered that another user had the sales order open on their Sage screen. The support staff requested that the user close their screen and ensure no one else on their team had the order open. After closing the sales order and resubmitting the data, the customer reported the import was successful. The issue was resolved within 7 minutes of receiving the email requesting support.

Some other issues we often resolve include firewall and security settings, a corrupted database due to a power outage, and Sage Paperless Office setup not activating a printer. After the initial response, issues can often be resolved by a member of our support team in a matter of minutes. However, if a complex issue does arise, our team is committed to being by your side until resolution.

Why You Need Support

Investing in software support can help your business in the long run. With ScanForce support, you can receive upgrades to our software program at no additional cost. Plus, our team will ensure you receive updates as quickly and efficiently as possible whenever a Sage update is released. Downtime can happen when updates occur, or you run into an issue, but with our support team by your side, we’ll work to minimize outages and problems to keep your operation running smoothly.

Often it can be easy to overlook support because you have internal IT staff. However, internal staff have limited resources, so working with our support team helps free up your staff so their time is spent on mission-critical IT projects that will move the company forward. Your internal team members are experts on your business. But, they often don’t have in-depth expertise on specialty software applications or hardware devices deployed in their operations, like scanners, mobile computers, and barcode printers. Our support staff are experts in both areas. So if an issue does occur, they can take a deeper look at all variables to get your business up and running faster.

Shoutout to Our Outstanding Support Team

The ScanForce support team is a group of US-based experts ready to help with any technical issue. While the support staff often works on issues in the background of our operation, their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Their average initial response time to an email is a lightning-fast 28 minutes! Additionally, ScanForce received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 53, above the industry average of 30. Our commitment to delivering excellent customer service is evident. We can’t thank our support team enough for continuously helping our customers thrive.


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