A Warehouse Nightmare

by Steve Showalter

You’re lost. Nothing looks familiar. You look around as the panic starts to grow. Bright colors and a constant din surround you as you drift into what feels like an out of body experience. A child screams and you’re jolted back to the present moment. You grip the list in your hand and realize that your hands are sweating.

Have you ever gone to the grocery store right after a remodel, or in the midst of a remodel? I have. The above scenario is real…and it can be terrifying. It happened to me not too long ago. It also made me think of ScanForce.

Hear me out…take the above scene, and replace the grocery store with a warehouse. The warehouse could be two, three times the size of a grocery store. Items all around you, and unlike a grocery store, these items can be stacked 20 or 30 feet in the air. Replace the shopping list with a Picking List for the orders you’ve just been asked to get.

The task can seem daunting. Even if you know where items are supposed to be, they may not be there. Someone placed them in the wrong place during the Put Away/Receiving process. Someone moved an item during a Transfer and didn’t record it. Now you walk up to a Bin to grab an item you know should be there only to find an empty space…or possibly a completely different item.


ScanForce is the missing piece. A robust WMS solution that is easy to use, install, and maintain, giving you the tools you need to run an efficient and successful warehouse.

ScanForce allows you to automate all processes related to inventory with your Sage 100 or Sage 100cloud system. Receive items in, knowing instantly that the correct items were sent to you. Put the items in multiple detailed locations throughout the warehouse, and instantly track any time an item is moved.

See clear and detailed information on your mobile device telling you where to go and what to get for the Shipping and/or Picking process.

From the simple warehouse transactions to Wave/Container Receiving and Wave Picking as well as detailed Dashboards and the ScanForce Management Console – ScanForce meets your needs.

Never again feel lost. Never again panic. We’ve got you.

Now imagine walking into that grocery store and having your phone tell you where to go, what to get, and how to get there…now wake up.

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