Automatic Posting from ScanForce to Sage 100cloud for Real-Time Inventory Accuracy

For many Sage 100 users, manual posting of transactions makes sense for their business. They may enter transactions throughout the day, and then go through the posting process at the end of the day or at other intervals. The option to review transaction details before committing them is a control that many companies utilize.

The downside? Delays in access to real-time information. In many cases, businesses feel that a few hours of delay is worth the extra layer of review, but in some areas of a business, having data post in real-time is crucial to keeping operations running smoothly. That’s where ScanForce’s optional Auto-Post functionality comes in.

One example of where a Sage user can benefit from Auto-Post is the case of a manufacturer or other business doing bill of materials production. Finished products are scanned as they come off the line and are immediately ready to be worked with in Sage.

For example, if a ScanForce user who isn’t using Auto-Post scans an item and indicates that they produced 36 cases of that particular product, when that information is sent to Sage it goes into a batch, and someone can then review it and post it. That’s a fairly common manual process of doing things. The problem is that until that posting process occurs, sales and fulfillment do not have visibility to know that those 36 cases are ready to go.

With ScanForce Auto-Post, as soon as someone scans an item and indicates that they produced 36 cases of that item, ScanForce will create the batch and immediately post it to Sage so that that inventory is already available in your warehouse and ready to be transacted on. The product can then be moved to its appropriate location, and in the case of a company that has multi-bin, the product is then transferred to the appropriate bin(s). Sales or order entry can immediately allocate the finished items to sales orders and start selling them. The end result is that there’s no delay from the time that it comes off of the production line to the moment that they can start actually utilizing that finished product.

Another use case for Auto-Post is receiving. In some warehouse environments, the ability to receive items and have the sales team immediately able to see that those items are on hand and ready to be allocated to sales orders can make a big impact on sales. Auto-Post with receiving is extremely helpful, especially if you have multi-bin, so you can immediately move received items into the bin locations. If you’re dealing with lot numbers or serialized inventory, having those specific items readily available to move or assign to orders increases efficiency.

The ScanForce Auto-Post option is also available for inventory transactions, such as transfers and issues.

With so many moving parts and pieces, real-time inventory accuracy can be difficult to achieve. ScanForce Auto-Post is a powerful, yet simple to use tool that helps you get the accurate, up-to-date inventory information you rely on to make important business decisions.

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