Highlighted Feature Video: Wave Picking

Many ScanForce users can see tremendous gains in efficiency by using Wave Picking, which allows you to group Sales Order together so you can pick more than one at a time. This can reduce unnecessary trips back and forth across the warehouse, leading to faster order fulfillment. How it works Option 1: Create the wave […]

Highlighted Feature Video: Sales Order Picking

When you need to “stage” items for shipping, but aren’t ready to ship and invoice them, Sales Order Picking is the answer. Watch this first if you missed our previous featured video: ScanForce Directed Picking (~3 minutes) How it works: ScanForce customers with WMS Advanced or Premium can access a sales order from Sage in real […]

Highlighted Feature Video: Directed Picking

Are your orders being picked in the most efficient order, or do your warehouse team find themselves criss-crossing and doubling back as they follow the order of a packing slip? All those extra steps can add up over time. ScanForce Directed Picking lets you increase productivity by providing the user with a “roadmap” for each […]

Highlighted Feature Video: Transfer Request Management

Inventory Transfers are simple and to the point. Move an item from A to B…easy! However, that often isn’t the entire story. How does the warehouse team know which items to move? Who needs them? Did the correct items actually get moved? The right quantities? Enter the ScanForce enhancement for Transfer Request Management. How it […]

Highlighted Feature Video: Alias Unit of Measure

Tracking the same item with multiple units of measurement can be confusing, inaccurate and overall difficult to manage. ScanForce solves this problem with Alias Unit of Measure. Simply scan a barcode, and ScanForce knows the item, unit of measure and the multiplier. For example:  Item 1234, Case Pack, 12 eaches per Case Pack. How it […]

Highlighted Feature Video: Outbound Serialization

When you need to track individual items for warranties and other detailed traceability related to a sales order, but do not want or need to use a Serialized Inventory Valuation Method in Sage 100, ScanForce Outbound Serialization is the perfect fit. How it works: Simply indicate with a checkbox in Inventory Maintenance that an item is […]

Voile Manufacturing Saves “Countless Hours” with ScanForce

Voile Manufacturing is a manufacturer and innovator of the splitboard, backcountry skis, telemark bindings, and avalanche rescue equipment. Their General Manager, David Grissom, recently sat down with our own Shaun Garrity to talk about his journey to warehouse automation with ScanForce and Sage 100. Read the case study to learn how we helped Voile improve […]

From Celebrity Encounters to Why Speed Counts: Our Interview with 90 Minds

For nearly a decade, ScanForce has been a member of 90 Minds, a member-only community for ERP consultants and resellers. We get a lot of value out of this group because the majority of the members are our business partners who recommend our solutions. Participating in the 90 Minds community helps us get insights into […]

What Amazon Could Learn From ScanForce

Amazon is arguably one of the highest volume warehouse operations on earth. But certainly when it comes to warehouse efficiency, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Just watch ~60 seconds of this clip (it should start playing around the 9:20 mark – some parts after 11:15 are NSFW!) from a recent episode of “Last Week Tonight […]