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ScanForce and Sage 100 Manufacturing

In our latest webinar, ScanForce was proud to announce our latest manufacturing capabilities with Sage 100, particularly our Labor Management Console and Make To Order for Production Management. As we continue to expand into the manufacturing market, we want to ensure our solutions are updated to help you streamline your inventory control and management solutions. Let’s jump right into what was discussed in the webinar. 

Current Manufacturing Software Solutions 

ScanForce is no stranger to the manufacturing industry. For over 20 years, we’ve been delivering software solutions to optimize shop floor operations for manufacturers. Below is an overview of the software solutions we offer that empower manufacturers to increase productivity and accuracy: 

  • Bill of Materials Automation 
    • Conduct a production entry swiftly by only scanning the finished good. You can also check each component to validate the entire production process. Keep tabs on production while seamlessly integrating with Sage 100.
  • Work Order Automation
    • Improve efficiency from manufacturing processes to inventory management by automating transactions. Know how much inventory you’ve used and see what finished products are available in stock within Sage 100.
  • Production Management Automation
    • Integration with DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin
    • Labor Management Console
    • Instantly capture material issues and completions with barcode scanning. Sage 100 automatically updates to give you peace of mind knowing that your view of inventory data is precise and up-to-date.
  • Make to Order

Our Labor Management Console and Make to Order features are the newest additions to the manufacturing software solutions. 

Labor Management Console 

The Labor Management Console makes modifying your work tickets and changing data more accessible before submitting labor entry back into your Sage 100 system. For example, you can monitor who’s actively in a work ticket or when they’ve clocked in and clocked out. 

Make To Order

With our Make To Order feature, you can create work tickets right from your sales order entry. Additionally, under the sales order options, you can customize your work ticket integration to help streamline your production management. 

IRP and Production Management Features

Sage’s inventory requirements planning (IRP) features help keep your production on track by telling you what items you need to make or if there are items you need to order. For instance, the module allows you to link an item to a work ticket or create a new work ticket for subassembly. Plus, it shows you what you need to order from sales orders, manufacturing, and reorder points. 

So, while we’d love to tell you more about Sage’s manufacturing features, we think our webinar does a fantastic job showcasing our latest innovations. Watch the webinar to learn more about our Sage 100 manufacturing technology.

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