Highlighted Feature Video: Outbound Serialization

When you need to track individual items for warranties and other detailed traceability related to a sales order, but do not want or need to use a Serialized Inventory Valuation Method in Sage 100, ScanForce Outbound Serialization is the perfect fit.

How it works:
Simply indicate with a checkbox in Inventory Maintenance that an item is marked for Outbound SN Tracking, and ScanForce WMS will prompt and capture the serial number when picking and/or shipping that item.

Serial Numbers are stored back in Sage at the line level in Invoice Data Entry/Shipping Data Entry.  The Serial Numbers can then print on invoices or packing lists when needed.  Quickly and easily search for a serial number in the ScanForce Management Portal as well.

Outbound Serialization is an optional add-on available for all versions of ScanForce.

See it in action in this ~3-minute video!

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