Highlighted Feature Video: Pick to Pallet

Pick to Pallet offers a streamlined method to stage orders by pallet and then quickly, accurately, and efficiently ship the pallets.

Items are instantly validated against the Sage sales order data providing accuracy in item picking from the item itself to the quantity and lot/serial data, where applicable.

How it works:
During the picking process, the user can designate on the handheld which pallet the items are being staged onto and instantly print a pallet ID tag to place on the pallet.

Once the order has been staged, ScanForce Pallet Shipping is used to scan the pallet ID tag rather than item by item to create the Sage Invoice and/or Shipping Data Entry.

Pick to Pallet is an optional add-on available to users of ScanForce Advanced and ScanForce Premium.

Watch this <5 minute video to see it in action!


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