Highlighted Feature Video: Ship All & InstaShip

If you’ve completely staged an order and all items and quantities have been picked, you may want to ship the entire order without scanning each individual line/item. Ship All and InstaShip are two similar features that let you do just that without the need to rescan the entire order at checking and packing.

How it works:

For Ship All, go to Sales Order Shipping on the mobile device and select or scan an order to ship. If using the “Ship All” feature, the user is prompted to decide (yes or no) if they want to ship all lines on the order. If “yes” is selected, ScanForce will update the Sage Invoice Data Entry/Shipping Data entry to show that all items and quantities have been shipped. If “no” is selected, the user may continue on to select individual lines to ship for that order.

InstaShip can be used to cut out even more steps. If you know you want to ship all lines on an order, simply select “InstaShip” from the mobile device menu, select or scan the order to ship, and InstaShip takes it from there (no need to respond to a prompt). Sage data is updated just as it is with Ship All.

Ship All is an optional add-on available for all versions of ScanForce. InstaShip is an optional add-on available to ScanForce Advanced and ScanForce Premium users.

Watch this <3 minute video to see it in action!

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