Highlighted Feature Video: Transfer Request Management

Inventory Transfers are simple and to the point. Move an item from A to B…easy! However, that often isn’t the entire story. How does the warehouse team know which items to move? Who needs them? Did the correct items actually get moved? The right quantities? Enter the ScanForce enhancement for Transfer Request Management.

How it works:
This enhancement leverages a Sales Order as the base document to request items to be transferred. The Sales Order also acts as the basis for the validation of items and quantities to be transferred. Users scan items and quantities, receiving instant feedback on the scanner that they have transferred the correct items. Operational workflows can also be used to move items to “In Transit” warehouses for constant visibility on inventory.

ScanForce extends features from WMS Advanced and Premium displaying the items to transfer as well as guiding the user by Bin Locations for efficient picking of the items. Missed items are caught, as well as incorrect quantities. The end result is an Inventory Transfer back in Sage 100 that can be automatically posted with WMS Advanced and Premium keeping inventory data updated in real time.

Transfer Request Management is an optional add-on available for all versions of ScanForce.

Watch this ~3-minute video to see it in action.

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