How to Clean Your Mobile Devices

One of the benefits of ScanForce is that Sage 100cloud and Sage Intacct users have their own individual logins. Once logged in, the device they are on will recognize them and display the features and data relevant to that user. Any activities performed on any device will be associated with the user name they are logged in under. This empowers them to share devices, eliminating the need to have one device per worker. 

This opportunity to share devices – perhaps across multiple users working different shifts, or when there is employee turnover – presents some new challenges in the current climate. 

Not only should devices be sanitized regularly under normal circumstances, even if they are not being shared, but it is now especially important to sanitize devices regularly and between users.

Whether it’s ruggedized mobile devices, or just your own personal phone or tablet, here are some resources to help you understand how to best mitigate this one risk area for transmission of COVID-19:

From Zebra: How to clean your Zebra mobile devices

Many of our clients use devices made by Zebra. Some of these devices, including the healthcare variants, have unique cleaning instructions. Zebra users can find details for their specific devices in this article, including mobile computers, tablets, printers, and scanners.

From cnet: How to keep coronavirus off your phone

This article shares helpful hints for disinfecting your devices, including 8 things you should never use to clean your phone.

From Business Insider: How to safely clean your smartphone without ruining its screen

Apple has said that it’s safe to clean it’s products with Clorox Disinfectant Wipes, but we have not seen other device manufacturers make this assertion.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about your specific device.


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