Increase Warehouse Productivity with Gamification Powered by ScanForce Dashboards

Imagine there’s a monitor in your warehouse showing the performance of each individual team member in real time. Everyone can see it, and everyone knows how they compare with everyone else, or with their own past performance. Do you think that might increase individual productivity?

The term “gamification” is often used to describe the use of game principles in non-game contexts. Gamification can add a little levity to an environment, while also incentivizing productivity.

At ScanForce, we’ve seen some interesting and fun applications of gamification in the warehouse, whether it’s teammates competing for productivity or individuals striving to achieve their personal goals. Through our dashboard management console, we provide customizable key performance indicators – the number and stats that matter to you – in a graphical display that can be used to help up your gamification game!

Here are some examples of metrics found in ScanForce’s dashboards that can be used in warehouse gamification:

  • Most orders picked. This can be a good indicator of productivity in some cases if orders typically have little variation in item quantities.
  • Most items or largest quantities scanned. If there’s one picker who works on larger orders, they may be more productive than their counterparts, even if their number of orders scanned doesn’t reflect that. Measuring the number of items scanned can give you an accurate picture of activity when there’s variation between the number of items on each order.
  • Quantity with weight as a factor. A picker could pull one order with only a few lines, but if it’s a dozen pallets, that could take a lot longer due to the weight considerations. Factoring weight into the equation can help you see who’s really doing the “heavy lifting” in your warehouse.
  • Physical counts. Who is really making their counting time count?

Whether these stats are measured daily, weekly, monthly, or even hourly, ScanForce dashboards can provide instant access and visibility.

Carrot or stick?

Gamification doesn’t have to be a negative pressure on low performers. Everyone has their own management style and culture, but we’ve seen that offering a reward to high performers is a fun way to get people motivated. Whether it’s a gift card or other reward for whoever picks the most orders, scans the most items, or whatever matters to you, gamification is yet another way that ScanForce provides sophisticated tools to simplify your efforts to make your warehouse more productive.

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