Meet Our Newest Team Member, Software Developer Zachary Carlson

scanforce new employee zachary

As a Software Developer, Zachary writes code that adds new features to our applications, maintains code for existing applications, and troubleshoots any issues that come up.

A graduate of Boston University College of Engineering, Zachary’s previous job experience includes programming roles for mobile applications and shipping automation solutions. The codebases and languages for those solutions are similar to what ScanForce uses, and since most of his experience pertains to shipping programs and warehouses, he’s perfectly suited to work with our inventory automation tools.

Since joining our team a few months ago, Zachary has found a supportive and welcoming environment. Despite the seniority of our developers, he feels respected and heard when he shares his ideas. This positive experience has made him feel right at home with our team, whom he describes as friendly, flexible, and open-minded.

Zachary’s passion for learning and growing his skills is evident in his work. He sees developing for ScanForce as an exciting opportunity to encounter a variety of inventory situations that require innovative solutions. His exposure to mobile, desktop, and web development has only fueled his enthusiasm for the diverse challenges he encounters in his role.

More about Zachary

Zachary has lived in Leominster, Massachusetts, all of his life, with the exception of four years in Boston for college. His partner, Montana, is also a software developer who lives in Seattle, where he has worked for Microsoft and several big-name gaming software companies. Zachary has a two-year-old cat, Charlie, with whom he shares a birthday.

Zachary cat


On the weekends, you’ll find Zachary traveling to Pokemon video game tournaments around the country. His weeknights are spent practicing for these tournaments online with his friends. His ten years of Pokemon have given him the opportunity to meet people around the world who make his life truly special. His favorite travel memory is attending the World Championship in Japan last August, and he’d love to go back someday and spend more time there. His travels keep him motivated while he’s working, knowing that when he gets everything done, there’s a great time waiting for him!


Zachary Pokemon

Zachary japan

Looking forward

Zachary would like to learn as much as he can about our products so he can become an expert on our existing solutions and help lead future updates to make our tools more powerful and versatile than ever. He looks forward to a long and enjoyable future with ScanForce in which he and the company can help each other grow and succeed.


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