ScanForce Attends the CIMcloud Partner Huddle

When our friends at CIMcloud told us they were having another Partner Huddle, we didn't have to think twice about accepting the invitation to participate, although we weren't sure how they would top the last one.

The CIMcloud Partner Huddle happens about once a year, bringing together members of the Sage 100 community from around the country for networking, learning, and collaboration.

EDI in the Warehouse

At ScanForce, we understand warehouse management. We’ve worked with hundreds of warehouse operations, and we often spot trends that inspire us to improve our solutions to better meet our customers’ needs.

One such case is with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). In recent years, our customers have seen increasing popularity of EDI requirements with retailers.

When is the best time to do physical counts?

If you’re like most people, you’re thinking “never”!

One of the most dreaded and time-consuming warehouse tasks is performing a physical count. It’s a mindless, tedious, inconvenient drain on your resources. Not to mention, it’s in no way revenue-generating.

What Makes ScanForce Mobile Sales Different?

If you’re like many businesses, the ability to complete sales transactions in the field is vital to increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. You want to empower reps to close business on-the-spot - in the field, on the tradeshow floor, in the showroom - wherever the customers are when they’re ready to buy!

When it comes to sales mobility, there are many options available for Sage 100 users.

ScanForce + Android 9 = Compatibility from Day 1.

On Monday, 8/6 Google released its latest Android operating system – Android 9, also known as Android Pie, and we were ready! On that same day, ScanForce released our latest Android 9-ready version.

"We've built Android 9 to learn from you - and work better for you - the more you use it," Google said in a blog post.

Which Multi-Bin is right for you?

By Nicole Ronchetti

Often times here at DSD, we hear from resellers or Sage 100 & Sage 100cloud users:
“I’m looking at the DSD / ScanForce Multi-Bin Products and I don’t know which one to choose?”
Great Question!

But let’s put that on pause for a moment and talk about  DSD / ScanForce Multi-Bin in general.

The ScanForce Million Record Challenge [Infographic]

When our development team told us that ScanForce could search 1,000,000 records in under a second, we were intrigued, but also a little skeptical. After all, there’s a lot that goes into the process behind the scenes, and how do you even measure something that takes less than a second? Had they actually tried it?

That’s when they told us about the Million Record Challenge.

A Warehouse Nightmare

by Steve Showalter

You’re lost. Nothing looks familiar. You look around as the panic starts to grow. Bright colors and a constant din surround you as you drift into what feels like an out of body experience. A child screams and you’re jolted back to the present moment.