Production Management Automation for Sage 100cloud is here!

ScanForce is once again bringing our best-in-class mobile solutions to the Sage 100cloud market!

This past year, Sage released the Sage Production Management module, a long-awaited update to the functionality previously housed in the Sage 100 Work Order module. This update of bringing this functionality to the current Sage 100cloud framework (meaning its architecture is more consistent with the rest of the Sage 100cloud product) was exciting for the entire market…ScanForce included!

But like the Work Order module, and all of Sage 100 in general, barcode scanning technology is not built into Production Management. Users still need to use a 3rd party add-on solution if they want to take advantage of mobile data capture technology in the manufacturing process.

Production Management Automation from ScanForce is now available!

In December 2019, we announced that our DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin Management product was updated to be compatible with Sage Production Management, meaning that Sage Production Management adopters would be able to continue to use our powerful multi-bin tool that is included with every license of Sage 100cloud during the manufacturing process.

Next, after having evaluated the functionality available within Sage Production Management, we made the decision to extend our mobile offerings to Production Management users, as well. Beginning on February 1, 2020 with our formal launch, Sage Production Management users can use our mobile barcode scanning devices to automatically capture material issues and completions with a direct integration to Sage 100cloud, much the same as they were able to do with the Sage 100 Work Order module.

“The Sage Partner Channel and user base has always received the ScanForce solution set very well. We continually hear positive feedback on what we offer and have fielded constant requests to expand our Manufacturing offerings. It’s exciting to take our expertise and lend it to this market.

Manufacturing companies have come to rely on our solutions. From automating Production Entries for Bill of Materials, to Work Order transactions, adding Production Management rounds out our manufacturing product line to suit all Sage 100cloud customers.”

– Steve Showalter, Director of Sales

For the past 20+ years ScanForce has provided mobile solutions through the use of advanced barcode scanning technology.  Intuitive software and a knack for understanding workflows and process management has allowed ScanForce to grow and be a market leader. During this time ScanForce has been able to work with some of Sage 100’s largest manufacturing customers.

“The release of Sage Production Management being on the new framework was exciting for us. Being able to utilize the Business Object Interface with a manufacturing solution has been refreshing. Sage’s modernization of their technology is going to allow ScanForce to direct our talents towards providing solutions to the market that are long overdue.”

–Dan Rodriguez, Director of Product Development

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