Ready for Sage 100 v2024? We Are!

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Another year brings another release of Sage 100. As we prioritize keeping pace with all the technology our customers use, from hardware to mobile technology to ERP, we have released our Sage 100 2024 compatible version.

As part of our Authorized Developer status with Sage, we are provided “beta” versions of each new release in advance. We then get right to work identifying any areas of our code that may be impacted by Sage’s changes. Our development team makes the needed modifications to our own code, and then we run a series of test cases to validate that our updated modules are behaving as expected.

Sage 100 2024 and Beyond: Always Up to Date!

Some years bring more changes to the code we interface with than others, but every year, you can trust that when you’re ready to upgrade to the latest version of Sage 100, ScanForce will be there, ready and reliable for you.

All of our modules have now been updated and tested by our US-based development team, including:

  • WMS – Core, Select and Premier
  • Mobile Sales
  • Production Management Automation
  • Label Printing
  • All 40+ ScanForce enhancements

So whether you want to upgrade to 2024 right away or plan to wait a while, we’ll be ready when you are!

You can learn more about what’s included with Sage 100 Version 2024 in this article on the Sage Community Hub.

If you’d like a demo of ScanForce for Sage 100 or you are an existing ScanForce customer who is interested in upgrading to version 2024, please contact us.


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