Sage 100 v2021 is out and we’re ready!

At ScanForce, we make it a priority to never hold our customers back from using the latest and greatest technology. When new mobile technologies hit the market, you can rest assured we’re working on compatibility well before the public release.

The same is true for your Sage ERP software. As with all Authorized Developers, we receive advance “beta” versions of Sage’s releases. This gives us time to make any needed modifications to our solutions based on changes Sage has made that may impact our integration.

With some releases, there may be no documented changes that appear to impact the ScanForce solution, but we still run the new release through our regression test cases to ensure the results of our test scenarios remain constant. In other words, make sure the software doesn’t blow up due to some unforeseen impact a change Sage has made would have on our solutions.

Other times Sage makes changes that may require us to modify our code. This may be a new field added or some other type of change in functionality in the product. We will make our changes and run our test cases to validate compatibility with the new version. This, again, is done in advance of the release so that we can be ready to go when you are.

Sage released v2021 on April 21, 2021, and as always we were ready shortly thereafter with our compatible version. 2 days after, to be exact!

As of 4/23, 2021, The following ScanForce Solutions are compatible with v2021:

  • All WMS Modules: Fundamentals, Advanced and Premium
    • This also includes the DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin Solution
  • ScanForce Manufacturing
    • Note: Production Management solutions will be a priority as soon as Production Management for v2021 is released
  • Mobile Sales
  • ScanForce Labeling

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