ScanForce 2020 in Review

In ordinary times, we would share a look back at our year, complete with pictures of all the conferences we attended, our annual ScanFest Holiday Party, and other comings and goings. But of course, 2020 was anything but ordinary. 

Here’s a look back at what DID happen at ScanForce last year.

Events (Q1)

We did manage to squeeze in a few events before everyone was grounded in March.  Here’s where we went for our last hoorahs:

Sage Intacct Sales Kickoff – 2020 marked our first time attending this invite-only event that brings together members of the internal Sage Intacct sales team to, well, kick off the year. We traveled to Palm Springs in January for the event, where we got to know members of the Intacct team who would end up calling on us throughout 2020 to help them win new business with our solutions to round out their inventory management capabilities.

90 Minds Annual Meeting of the Minds in San Diego – In February, we continued our years long tradition of being a Platinum sponsor for this event, which is an annual conference for the group of ERP consultants and resellers that meets in person once a year and collaborates online together throughout the year. As always, we enjoyed spending time with members of the Sage community in beautiful San Diego, CA!

Check out our interview with 90 Minds: From Celebrity Encounters to Why Speed Matters

Sage Partner Summit – Sage hosted this event for Sage Intacct and Sage X3 partners in Orlando, FL in early March. We got to see many of our existing Sage 100 partners who also represent these other Sage solutions, plus we were able to connect with many new Sage Intacct partners who are excited to be able to offer our solutions to their customers. 

By the time Sage Partner Summit point rolled around, we were already resorting to elbow bumps, and that was the last of the live conferences for 2020.

Sage BasecampWhile in-person conferences may be on hold for now, and Sage Summit is postponed indefinitely, we’ve been participating in this virtual on-demand community this year. With a “virtual expo hall” and “virtual session catalog”, we’ve been able to work alongside other popular Sage ISVs to replicate the conference and trade show environment as best we can.

Work at Home

While we found ourselves with extra time on our hands due to the lull in travel, we decided to create some educational content to help our customers learn how they can get the most out of their ScanForce investment. We created a series of “Feature of the Week” videos that highlight various features and enhancements available for our customers. All of these videos, along with recordings from our various webinars, can be found on our Videos page, as well as on our Blog.


Of course, 2020 found us continuing to innovate to make our products better than ever. Here are some of the new advancements we made last year:

Production Management Automation for Sage 100cloud – In February of 2020, we officially launched our Sage Production Management Automation, allowing users of Sage 100cloud’s Production Management solution to automate production processes with integrated barcode scanning. The first release included integrated multi-bin management and material issues & completions, and we later added labor tracking. You can watch the recording of our recent webinar that covers the whole solution here.

Container Receipt Management (CRM) for Sage 100 / Sage 100cloud – We also released this new enhancement that our customers have been requesting. CRM is an optional add-on that can be used when inventory has been shipped to you, and you’ve taken ownership of it, but you haven’t physically received it (often referred to as stuck “on the water”). Learn more here.

Mobile Ship for Sage Intacct – As the demand for ScanForce continues to grow beyond our expectations in the Intacct market, we continue to enhance the feature set available to Intacct users. Mobile Ship is integrated mobile shipping that lets Intacct users complete the shipping process from a mobile device, closing the gap from Picking to Shipping. Learn more here.


Even in a tumultuous market, and one where we were limited in our ability to get out in the world and meet new potential customers, we were fortunate to experience year over year growth in 2020. 

Many businesses who had put off automating their warehouses found their operations closed down. They used the time to research and select warehouse management tools. Many of our new customers were pleasantly surprised at how easy this seemingly daunting task actually turned out to be in the end!

While not a new customer in 2020, one of our more recent customers put it best:

“When we first started, there was a lot of apprehension…I was really impressed with how quickly we were able to implement it and get the peripherals set up. The training was quick, and of course, adoption from the staff was pretty easy.” – David Grissom, General Manager, Voile Manufacturing 

Read the entire Voile Manufacturing Success Story here.

Businesses also saw the added value of being able to mitigate risk of surface spread of the virus by minimizing touchpoints in the warehouse through the use of barcode scanning. This will hold true not only for COVID-19, but in general to protect employees in 2021 and beyond from the spread of illness.

With respect to our team, we were lucky to welcome Errett Thomas, previously with Sage, to the team, and he’s been a valuable contributor since day one. While his timing of joining the team prevented him from getting out and getting to know all our customers and partners in person, we look forward to getting him out in the field in 2021, so keep an eye out for him! Meanwhile, you can learn more about Errett here.

…and Loss

While we’ve had a lot to be thankful for this year given the circumstances, it was overshadowed by the loss of loved ones. We’re looking forward to moving on to better days for all in 2021, and we will be dedicating our efforts next year to their memory!

Thank you.

We’d like to thank all of our customers and partners for helping us make the most of things during the trying year. We wish you all good things ahead in 2021!


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