ScanForce Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary

Commitment to Partners and Customers as a Pillar of Our Success

Since our founding in 2006, ScanForce has been committed to developing innovative software solutions for Sage users. We have the utmost respect and commitment to our Sage partners and their customers. To us, you’re not just another number; you’re a part of our ScanForce family. As we look forward to the next 15 years and beyond, we want to take the time to highlight our history, core values, leadership team, and what the future holds for ScanForce.

The Start of ScanForce: A Walk Down Memory Lane 

ScanForce was initially founded in 2002 by the late Mario Rodriguez, owner of Business Computer Associates (BCA).  A Sage 100 reseller, Mario had become disillusioned with the performance and reliability of inventory solutions available to Sage users. At the time, there was only one solution available, and Mario noticed how that solution wasn’t able to solve the real-world issues his customers were experiencing. So he enlisted his son, Dan, to work with him to develop a software solution for a client, and ScanForce was born.

Initially, the idea was to offer ScanForce only to BCA’s Sage 100 customers. Serving the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, BCA had several Sage reseller competitors, and offering a superior barcode solution gave BCA an advantage in the marketplace. Due to the success of the software solution, BCA’s Sage Partner Account Manager encouraged them to offer the solution to the Sage reseller community.  ScanForce quickly evolved from a piece of IP (intellectual property) that BCA offered to only one customer, to being an independent software developer (ISV) with its own full-time staff and a product that is now available to Sage users across the country via a partner channel.

Committed to Making a Difference 

ScanForce is committed to innovation, developing cutting-edge software solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of Sage 100, Sage 100cloud, and Intacct users. Combined with first-class customer service you can count on, we deliver reliable software solutions and related services to our partners and their customers. At the core of our success are the following principles:  

  • A commitment to rapid development of innovative and intuitive software solutions that empower organizations to mobilize their workforce and eliminate inefficiency.
  • The importance of providing supply chain transparency by offering solutions that deliver real-time insight by seamlessly integrating with your ERP system so that businesses can make smarter, more informed decisions.
  • A consultative approach to helping Sage users solve real-world business problems and actively engaging with Sage partners to ensure deployment success.

“We’ve been working with Sage 100 for 33 years, and there are many “add-on” products for Sage. So many that it is impossible to be an expert in all of them. Our reputation is such that when you’re working with Bennett/Porter, you’re working with someone who knows the software inside and out.  This leads us to be very selective about the vendors and solutions for any Sage 100 add-on products – the manufacturers and solutions have to meet our standards.  Having ScanForce as a trusted partner allows us to offer scanning solutions to our clients knowing that our clients will be taken care of by experts that care about them just as much as we do.  The ScanForce folks do the demos, make the sale, do the implementations and provide support for their product. Partnering with ScanForce is a win for our clients and therefore a win for Bennett/Porter.”

  • Sue Bennett, President, Bennett/Porter & Associates, Inc.

“ScanForce has been a valued partner of MicroAccounting for years, and we love working with them. They are great to work within the sales cycle and during implementation. In addition, and sometimes more important, they are excellent with support after they go live. The ScanForce solutions allow us to solve many needs for our distribution clients and allow us to win new sale opportunities that we otherwise would not even be able to compete in. We always know our clients will be taken care of and well served with ScanForce solutions.”

  • Lorrie Harris, Client Service and Sales Partner, MicroAccounting 

A Commitment to Consistency: Insight from ScanForce Leadership Team

The same executive team that started ScanForce 15 years ago still actively runs our day-to-day operations. Founder Dan Rodriguez continues to run the software development operations of the organization. “We are committed to using customer and partner feedback as a catalyst to fuel our commitment to continuous innovation.  Our development team regularly updates our software solutions to ensure they integrate into the latest version of Sage and introduces new features to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customer base,” Dan stated. 

As a partner in the business, Steve Showalter has headed up sales and marketing operations for the organization since its inception. His team is adept at understanding business problems, pain points and bottlenecks, and developing real-world software solutions that help customers take their business to the next level. “We have worked to build our business through the Sage partner channel. Working closely with many industry-leading partners has allowed us to deliver reliable software solutions that help their customers use barcode and wireless technology to increase efficiency, accuracy, and profitability,” Steve commented.

Dan, Steve, and the ScanForce team are active participants at industry events like the 90 Minds Annual Meeting of the Minds, Sage Intacct Advantage, Sage Summit, and Sage Partner Summit as well as virtual events like webinars and training conducted by Sage.

Looking Towards the Next 15 Years & Beyond 

Through the encouragement, dedication, and commitment of our employees, Sage partners and users, we have been fortunate to experience substantial growth since inception. Our team will continue to value the collaboration and feedback we receive from our partners and their customers as a catalyst for the continued growth of our software solutions and business. Our development team is currently working on enhancing current software solutions and developing new ones to meet ever-evolving customer demands.

Here’s to the next 15 years! 


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