ScanForce Technology Lets You Search 1,000,000+ Records in Under a Second

When you’re using barcode technology with Sage 100 to scan items, there is a lot happening behind the scenes to make sure the correct item is retrieved. But if you’re using ScanForce with our sophisticated proprietary mobile data capture technology, you’d never know it, no matter how many items you may have.

When a barcode is scanned, the system has to look through multiple lists of data before retrieving the correct item. Of course, there are your own part numbers in Sage, but you may also have vendor part numbers for which you’ve set up UPC codes in Sage. These need to be indexed so that the correct part can be associated.

Let’s take a box of floor tiles, for example. Suppose the internal item number that you’ve assigned to this type of tile in Sage is 01-00001, but the UPC code displayed on the barcode label for the product is 0-17811-72555-0. When you scan that UPC code, ScanForce translates the barcode and searches through all your items in Sage to find that UPC code, and then retrieves and returns the correct item number from Sage for the box of floor tiles, along with the corresponding item data. Several lists were indexed, and multiple data fields returned, but by the time you’ve scanned the box and looked at your device display, a valid item has already been returned.

In fact, our testing showed that we could retrieve a single item from a list of 1,000,000 in just 3 milliseconds.

Check out more stats from our Million Record Challenge {Infographic}

This is the case whether you have 50 records or 1,000,000 records. There is virtually no delay, regardless of the number of items you may have.

One of the main features of our architecture that allows us to have such rapid retrieval is that we’re not having to connect to other systems or do anything outside of looking directly at your Sage 100 database.

The speed to retrieve items has been a priority for ScanForce since our early days, and we’ve invested heavily in sophisticated technology to maintain the integrity of our fast retrieval. It’s a key component of our approach to software design.

So go ahead, push the limits. ScanForce can handle it!

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