ScanForce Welcomes Shaun Garrity – Client Account Manager

We are pleased to announce that Shaun Garrity has joined our team as a Client Account Manager. Shaun joins us following 9 years working as an Account Executive at a top Sage reseller. In that time, he recommended our solutions to his Sage 100 customers many times, so we’ve already had a chance to see him in action providing excellent customer service!

Over the years, Shaun worked with hundreds of manufacturing and distribution companies, and he understands their business needs. Shaun finds talking with clients about their challenges, then helping them optimize and streamline with technology, to be highly rewarding.

“Scanning solutions are a big part of  what Sage 100 clients are looking for. ScanForce has always been my go-to for WMS because of their superior products and customer service.”

– Shaun Garrity, Client Account Manager

This newly created role will allow us to further our efforts to provide the best customer service to our valued clients. Shaun will assist our clients with all their needs for additional licenses, new devices, plan renewals, custom development requests, and more. He’ll also be establishing our formal NPS (Net Promoter Score) program, and ultimately ensuring that our clients remain highly satisfied with our products and services.

“ScanForce continues to grow rapidly, and we expect the growth to continue to accelerate in 2019. We know that we need to continuously improve our processes in order to meet the demands of our growing client base. We’re excited to have Shaun on board to make sure that we can continue to provide the highest level of customer service.”

– Dan Rodriguez, ScanForce

More About Shaun

Shaun lives in Stoughton, MA, about 20 miles south of Boston. He’s married with two children. His unofficial second job is “chauffeur”, as he enjoys taking his kids and cheering them on during their various sporting activities. He can also be found on the field himself, refereeing both youth and adult soccer games.

A self-described “tech geek”, Shaun enjoys keeping up with the latest technology trends. He has a degree in Computer Information Systems from DeVry University, and has a deep understanding of ERP-related technology, but he’s also a people person. This skill set makes him the ideals person to help our clients succeed.

Fun Facts

From working in mall security to running a demolition crew, Shaun worked in several different fields before finding his home in ERP software. He even managed a hardware store – without the help of barcode scanners for their inventory!

Like our recently hired Gary Lamb, Shaun is a Patriots fan*. While they didn’t know each other before, they quickly discovered that in addition to their mutual love of the Pats, they both spent a great deal of time during their younger years in the same small town of Bidderford, ME, even frequenting the same local hangout, Alex’s Pizza. Small world!

Welcome to the team, Shaun!

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* Members of the Miami-based ScanForce team called my attention to another coincidence: The day that Gary and Shaun both arrived for a visit to our Miami HQ this month, the Dolphins beat the Patriots with a spectacular finish


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