The ScanForce Million Record Challenge [Infographic]

When our development team told us that ScanForce could search 1,000,000 records in under a second, we were intrigued, but also a little skeptical. After all, there’s a lot that goes into the process behind the scenes, and how do you even measure something that takes less than a second? Had they actually tried it?

That’s when they told us about the Million Record Challenge.

You see, since the early days of ScanForce, item retrieval speed has been a priority in our technology strategy. It’s something that we take very seriously, and we make sure nothing is introduced to the environment that would slow it down, even just a little.

In the Million Record Challenge, we put Sage 100 and ScanForce to the test to see just how long it would take to deliver results with 1,000,000 items. Check out how we stacked up (click on the image to view full size):

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