Trends in Warehouse Automation: Warehouse Pallet Tracking

Working with warehouse pallet tracking

Boost Productivity With Warehouse Pallet Tracking Solutions for Sage 100 Users

Tracking pallets in the warehouse can be tricky, and if you’ve ever wondered how it works and its benefits, you’re not alone. However, there are enormous advantages to warehouse pallet tracking as your product goes through the supply chain. As we continue to see increases in shipping and delivery demand, it’s even more important to be able to track a pallet. Achieving optimal warehouse performance entails quickly moving products in and out of your warehouse while tracking quantities and locations.

What is Warehouse Pallet Tracking?

To efficiently track your pallets, you must attach an identification tag like a barcode label to your pallets. These tools provide visibility and insight into the product the pallet is carrying, its location, and its availability, including lot numbers, serial numbers, and quantities. Warehouse pallet tracking allows you to take control of your stock and the grouping of items with a single identification tag as well as visibility in your Sage 100 ERP system. In turn, this will allow you to ensure the right products are sent to the production line in the right amounts. Quality assurance is one of the most comprehensive ways of saving time and money.

How To Keep Track of Pallets: And It Can Benefit Your Supply Chain

If you don’t currently have a process for tracking your pallets, it may appear as though they are a relatively inexpensive asset. However, the costs add up quickly, especially concerning your workforce’s time.

Want to save time and money? It’s estimated that some sectors lose up to 20 percent of their pallets yearly, a significant expense by year-end. Pallet tracking eliminates misplacement and errors and provides real-time locations.

How can warehouse pallet tracking help? First, know what pallet is carrying what products so there’s never any confusion. Then, workers will no longer need to check pallets to ensure they have the right product and quantity.

Do you have the potential to increase employee efficiency? Employees can scan a single tag on the pallet to get visibility of the assets on the pallet. No need to open pallets or do any inventory assurance since the single tag shows what’s on the pallet.

Simply tracking the pallets can provide better data to make more informed business decisions while allowing the opportunity to create an insights-driven business model.

There are also several external benefits to consider. This process can automate repurchasing schedules and build a more efficient working relationship with third-party suppliers. In addition, the enhanced visibility of the entire process can show potential supply chain bottlenecks, handling and collection issues, and route inefficiencies. This functionality gives you more control over your supply chain, so you can offer a better customer experience and boost your brand.

Future Demand for Warehouse Pallet Tracking  

All industries are facing increased pressure to adopt technology and enhance processes. Automation of supply chain operations is one of the most significant pushes for implementing these new technology options. The faster and more accurately products can be moved around the warehouse, the better it is for the next step, whether a wholesaler, direct customer, or manufacturing plant.

As technology continues to improve and develop, there will be an even higher need to keep up. There is potential for pallet size changes to be done “on the fly,” so pallet tracking technology would ensure that an accurate count of products can still be obtained.

While we know that technology will continue to change quickly, it’s hard to predict the speed or actual development. Keeping up with automation technology and implementing it into your operations is the surest way to stay in the game. It’s hard to argue that robots and artificial intelligence are becoming more prevalent in warehouse and distribution processes. Therefore, each warehouse should have someone tasked with knowing what technology is in the works and what’s about to be released.

Gain Control Today 

When you prioritize analyzing your supply chain operations, you will soon realize where changes and enhancements can, and should, be made. As you gain awareness of the amount of lost or misused time, you will notice the impact on your top and bottom line. Our warehouse pallet tracking solutions for Sage 100 users have proven to increase productivity, reduce lost or missing inventory costs, and optimize supply chain performance. Don’t let yourself get left behind. Gain control and insight into where your product moves within the warehouse to keep your processes going efficiently.

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