What Makes ScanForce Mobile Sales Different?

If you’re like many businesses, the ability to complete sales transactions in the field is vital to increasing revenue and customer satisfaction. You want to empower reps to close business on-the-spot – in the field, on the tradeshow floor, in the showroom – wherever the customers are when they’re ready to buy!

When it comes to sales mobility, there are many options available for Sage 100 users. At the surface, it may be hard to differentiate between them. Most any solution will have the following basic components:

  • Bi-directional Sage 100 integration*
  • Ability to view up-to-date product info including product images, inventory levels, customer-specific pricing, order history
  • Ability to place orders that flow into Sage 100

But that’s about where many of the similarities end.

Here’s a list of features that can differ from one solution to the next, along with how ScanForce stacks up.

  • True mobility: work offline or online. Some mobile sales solutions require that you have an internet connection. With ScanForce, you get true mobility. Work from anywhere even without a connection and synch up when you’re back online.
  • Integrated sales tax automation. If you’re creating invoices in the field without real-time accurate sales tax calculations, you’re risking charging the wrong tax and subjecting yourself to unhappy customers if you overcharge, or a negative audit and fines if you undercharge. ScanForce Mobile Sales integrations with Avalara (Sage Sales Tax) so you can rest assured that your sales reps are charging the correct tax on every sale.
  • Credit card processing integration. What’s better than creating invoices in the field? Collecting payments! But if your mobile sales solution requires you to change to an inferior credit card processing solution, or worse yet, doesn’t offer credit card processing, you’re missing out on the cash flow benefits provided by on the spot secure processing. ScanForce integrates with the most popular credit card processor in the Sage 100 space, APS Payments.
  • Signature capture and receipt printing. Your mobile sales should basically be a digital version of a sales transaction. Complete the process as you would in-store by capturing a signature and even printing out or emailing a receipt.
  • Device options. Some solutions only operate on select devices, such as iOS, thereby severely limiting your hardware options, both today and in the long run. ScanForce can operate on just about any mobile device, from rugged barcode scanning computers to tablets and full-sized laptops – the choice is yours to select the hardware that best suits your environment.
  • Apps vs. websites. Some solutions offer web-based order entry. While they may be mobile-friendly, they are not inherently designed as apps. Plus, often you’re paying a premium for unlimited users, when maybe you only need a few. ScanForce Mobile Sales is optimized for a mobile device environment, providing a simple, streamlined user interface. And you only pay for the licenses you need.
  • No pricing gimmicks. A “free” solution that requires you to pay annual maintenance on the “free” components and requires an additional investment to purchase the functionality you really need to have a viable solution isn’t really free, is it? When compared side-by-side, the value and ROI on ScanForce Mobile Sales is typically better than a free solution when all is said and done.
  • *Sage Multi-Bin Basic integration. While field sales may not be too concerned with which bin location an item is in when they’re closing a deal, if you want them to invoice from the field and your business doesn’t use Sage 100cloud Multi-Bin Basic (or ScanForce Mulit-Bin Advanced), you will not be able to complete the transaction if your Mobile Sales solution can’t identify the bin location. You’d have to go find a multi-bin solution that is not the Sage-endorsed solution and pay for implementation and maintenance on yet another tool.

The bottom line: all of the solutions out there can check at least a few of these boxes. ScanForce is the only Sales Mobility solution that can check them all.

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