The Right Items in the Right Place at the Right Time

In a perfect world, your warehouse would have just enough inventory to meet demands. You’d know exactly where everything is and the quantities on hand of each item. So, what’s keeping you from this warehouse nirvana?

The Wrong Items

Have you ever thought you had the right quantities on hand, only to discover that your inventory spreadsheet or manually updated quantities in Sage are inaccurate? Perhaps you were shipped the wrong item, and it went unnoticed during receiving. Or maybe someone entered inventory transactions to the wrong item causing you to show an inaccurate quantity.

Get it right!

Using a WMS solution like ScanForce allows you to automate all processes related to inventory with your Sage 100 or Sage 100cloud system. Receive items in with a barcode scanner, knowing instantly that the correct items were sent to you. Scan items during picking to be sure that the right product is being pulled and the right item quantity is updated in Sage.

The Wrong Place

Not knowing where your items are can be a warehouse nightmare. Your pickers will waste precious time searching for the items they need, and assuming they’re being paid during this time, time is money.  Not to mention the fact that your fulfillment process is disrupted, possibly leading to delayed delivery and ultimately unhappy customers.

Get it right!

With ScanForce you can scan the items into multiple detailed locations throughout the warehouse, and instantly track any time an item is moved. See clear and detailed information on your mobile device telling you where to go and what to get for the Shipping and/or Picking process.

The Wrong Time

Once you have the right items in the right place, you still need to optimize your quantities based on demand. When it comes to inventory, it’s a fine balance between too little and too much. Stockouts impact your ability to fulfill your orders. Excess inventory is a cash flow killer.

Get it right!

Using an inventory analysis tool like Sage Inventory Advisor gives you insight into inventory performance so you can forecast demand and perform one click ordering based on ideal order recommendations. Placing orders quicker saves you time on planning, forecasting, and ordering. Minimizing stock-outs helps you retain customers and increase sales. And reducing excess stock releases cash that’s tied up in excess inventory.

The Right Combo: Sage 100 + ScanForce WMS + Sage Inventory Advisor

Once you get the right items in the right place using ScanForce WMS, you can rest assured that your Sage inventory data is accurate. This accurate data can then be used to make purchasing decisions and optimize inventory with Sage Inventory Advisor.
This combo lets you make sure you have the right quantities on hand (but not too much) and leads to faster and more accurate fulfillment. Which leads to happy customers. Which leads to sales. Which leads to profit.

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