Shipping & Picking Enhancements

for Sage 100

How ScanForce Enhancements Can Help With Shipping & Picking

At ScanForce, we aim to deliver everything our clients need to run a successful operation. While our solutions can address most of our clients’ pain points, there are occasions when they require something specific to meet their unique needs. So, we created an extensive library of additional enhancements to extend the functionality and features offered by our ScanForce solutions and Sage 100. Our shipping & picking enhancements optimize workflows to improve efficiency and increase throughput.
Directed Picking Icon

Directed Picking

Sort and display line items by bin location to optimize the route for order picking.
PO Creation on Handheld Icon

Pick to Pallet

Stage orders by pallet and then quickly, accurately, and efficiently ship the pallets.
SO Picking Icon

SO Picking/Staging

Stage orders before shipment and prepare without creating the invoice until orders are ready to ship.

Split Picking Icon

Split Picking

Divide large SOs into more than one picking sheet and split them so more than one user can pick at a time.
Wave Shipping Picking Icon

Wave Picking/Shipping

Group SOs together to pick or ship more than one at a time.
Electronic Data Interchange Icon

Electronic Data Interchange

Integrate with SPS Commerce to streamline EDI orders in Sage 100.

Ship All Icon

Ship All

Quick ship an order without having to go through each item or line on the order.
Insta-Ship Icon


Instantly ship staged orders without having to go through each item or line on the order.

Signature Capture Icon

Signature Capture

Capture and save signature in SO shipping, then link it to the order history.

Tracking Number Capture Icon

Tracking Number Capture

Import tracking number and weight fields into shipping data entry.
Outbound Serialization Icon

Outbound Serialization

Track individual items for warranties and traceability requirements without using the serial valuation method.
Auto Allocate Icon

Auto-Allocate by Case Pack

Direct users to the overstock location if ordered quantity is greater than or equal to case pack.

Direct SO Entry

Create Sales Orders (SO) directly from the scanner and easily transfer data to Sage 100.

Direct Invoicing

Streamline the invoice creation process and create invoices directly from the scanner.
Mobile Ship Integration icon

Mobile Ship Integration

Works with Sage 100 and StarShip software to make shipping even more efficient.

auto focus icon

Outbound Image Capture

Take pictures with the scanning device’s built-in camera during the shipping & picking processes.
add user icon

User Order Assignment

Gain complete control over who and when sales orders are picked.

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