Sage Intacct Advanced Kit Assembly

Automate Inventory for Kits and Components

Leverage the power of Sage Intacct inventory automation and barcoding to keep inventory levels accurate while increasing workforce productivity. Our Advanced Kit Assembly add-on delivers real-time visibility into the number of finished or assembled kits, and it updates component inventory during or after assembly.

Our versatile Sage Intacct kit assembly solution offers enough flexibility to utilize workflow options that most align with your operational needs. Choose from the standard kit functionality within Sage Intacct or use the Bill of Materials (BoM) kit method for added flexibility. Both options allow you to choose from backflush or component methods for data capture, whether using the standard Sage Kitting or the SIIA Advanced solution.

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Sage Intacct Advanced Kit Assembly Software Features

Choose between standard or BoM kit assembly.

Standard Kit

SIIA Standard Kit Assembly

Users leverage standard kit functionality within Sage Intacct. This is the most straightforward option for organizations with limited kit variation and component location, and all kit information can be stored in one location.


SIIA BoM Kit Assembly

This option offers the most flexibility in building and assembling kits from within SIIA, perfect for assembly at multiple locations. Substitute any valid Sage Intacct component, allow partial completions, and track bin, lot, and serial numbers, as well as expiration date.


Backflush Data Capture

Simply use the app to validate that items are set up as kits in Sage Intacct, then indicate the number of kits for assembly. Upon completion, the software instantly updates your Sage Intacct account, adding the assembled kit to inventory and removing components.


Component Data Capture

Use the app to validate kits in Sage Intacct and indicate the number of kits in assembly. Follow prompts to enter components used to make up the kit, then send data to Sage Intacct. Inventory gets updated in real time with components removed and kits added.



Wireless connectivity allows any department within your organization to access current inventory information from Sage Intacct. Keep your workforce informed in real time or use batch functionality to continue assembly updates even when there are internet outages.

Additional Advanced Kit Assembly Software Features:

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Streamline assembly processes with flexible software that works with your workflow.

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