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Our solution runs as a mobile application on iOS or Android devices with the option to run on a PC desktop or laptop. Selecting a device best suited for your operation is just as important as ensuring the software has the functionality you require. ScanForce is committed to helping you choose the best warehouse devices for your environment and budget to provide the best user experience possible. The options for compatible devices are vast, so please review the resources below to assist in this process.

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Hardware Evaluation Questionnaire

If you need assistance choosing the best warehouse devices for your operations, please fill out the Hardware Evaluation Questionnaire and email it to

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Recommended Hardware Guide

Or, if you would prefer to review the most popular and successful devices on the market, please download our Recommended Hardware Guide.

Why You Should Use Our Recommended Warehouse Devices:

We understand there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to hardware and device selection. However, we strongly recommend complementing our software with our device recommendations for: