Sage Intacct Inventory Automation (SIIA)

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Sage Intacct Inventory Automation (SIIA) uses mobile and barcode technology to extend and expand inventory transactions and functionality. Employees are no longer reliant on a PC but gain efficiency working from a dedicated scanner, mobile computer, or smartphone. Easily capture inbound, outbound, and general inventory transactions such as cycle counts, transfers, and adjustments. SIIA modules are intuitive, allowing employees to navigate quickly through transactions. Instant data validation means that all inventory-related data mined from Sage Intacct is accurate. SIIA captures inventory data at your fingertips and records transactions the moment inventory is handled with real-time updates in Sage Intacct.

Sage Intacct Inventory Automation Software Modules

SIIA Core and SIIA Construction are the base modules of this program. The SIIA Core module provides six transactions (User Definable Transaction Definitions). The Construction module offers up to eight transactions. Both also include a Device License and Management Portal login.

device license

SIIA - Device Licenses

SIIA is licensed by the device, mobile computer with a built-in scanner or smartphone. When the app is launched, a user login tracks activity with the option to set permissions by users.

web portal

Management Portal

The brain behind the mobile application is a cloud-based platform where mobile application permissions are created and stored. Other settings, such as label and printer configurations and shipping information for carriers and package types, can also be managed.


SIIA - Mobile Print

Set triggers to print barcode labels right within mobile programs, even if not all products have barcodes or all of the information the end user needs. Mobile Print allows users to design barcode labels to add all the necessary information for easy scanning and data capture.

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SIIA - Mobile Ship

Complete the shipping process from within mobile programs, eliminating the need to go to a PC to print labels. Mobile Ship is available within picking and shipping for sales orders.

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SIIA - Advanced Kit Assembly

Build or assemble Sage Intacct Kits right from a mobile device or set up bill of materials (BOM) and expand the Sage Intacct kit functionality. Quantity and components are then automatically taken out of inventory.


User Definable Transaction Definitions

The mobile application can mirror transactions as defined in Sage Intacct. There is no limit to the number of transactions the mobile application can run.

Additional Sage Intacct Inventory Automation Software Features

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