Bill of Materials Automation

Production Tracking Made Easy

The ScanForce Bill of Materials Module keeps track of production and seamlessly integrates with Sage 100, relieving the inventory of the components used and placing the finished products into inventory through production entry. You can perform a quick production entry by only scanning the finished good, or scan each component to validate the entire production process.

With the addition of the ScanForce Auto-Post Enhancement, you can track production entry in real time. This enhancement gives you the power of viewing inventory levels as items are produced. If you track lot or serial numbers, this enhancement now gives you the ability to immediately ship a product as soon as it has been produced.


ScanForce offers the fastest and most stable wireless solution on the market. Wireless communication allows your staff to have the information whenever and wherever they need, and Sage gets populated the moment the transactions are performed.

Barcode Scanning

A barcode label can be scanned in approximately the same time it takes a keyboard operator to make two keystrokes. Scanning eliminates human assumptions when coming across two part numbers that look similar. For accuracy and efficiency, look no further.

Manufacturing Automation Highlights:

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Production Management

Tracking production in your Sage 100cloud system can be challenging. ScanForce Production Management Automation module uses handheld scanners to record materials issued, capture the finished product, and indicate the quantity produced.

Work Order Automation

If you are currently using ScanForce Work Order Automation, you’ll love our Production Management Automation module. As we work to phase out the legacy Work Order Automation module, make the switch to the latest module with all the same features and more.​

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