Meet Kimberly Cherry – ScanForce Software Implementation Consultant

ScanForce New Employee Kimberly

Welcome to the Newest ScanForce Employee

As our team continues to grow, we are pleased to welcome our newest addition, Software Implementation Consultant Kimberly Cherry. She will report to our Director of Client Success, Gary Lamb, in this role. Her duties will include new user training and training existing customers with add-on products they implement to enhance their ScanForce software.

Real-Life Experience Makes Kimberly Well-Suited for Our Team

Having been a Sage 100 and ScanForce user, Kimberly brings over ten years of hands-on experience with our technologies. As a ScanForce customer, she saw that our organization was efficient, the team worked well together, and we were a “well-oiled machine.”

Kimberly said, “I always felt that ScanForce’s customer service went above and beyond any company I’d ever worked with. I used to joke that if I ever had a career change, I’d want to become a part of their team.”

She has a degree in Agricultural Engineering from Cornell University, where she also worked as a student computer technician in the campus library system tech department. She went on to co-found a dairy equipment company where she was in charge of Human Resources, IT, and Accounting, among many other things.

Kimberly was integral in the company’s transition from Quickbooks to Sage with Crystal Reports writing. In addition, she helped with the subsequent implementation of ScanForce’s Sage 100 Warehouse Management and Mobile Sales solutions with the ongoing onboarding of new employees to the company’s technology.

She went to ScanForce’s website and found her perfect job on our Careers page. Kimberly felt she was ready for a new challenge that would allow her to channel her passion for technology! From there, it wasn’t long before she was hired on, with strong endorsement from the various ScanForce team members who had worked with her over the years, including our President and Co-Founder, Dan Rodriguez.

Kimberly describes herself as a people person who loves helping people learn about and feel comfortable with a new technology or program that will ultimately help make their lives easier. She’ll be bringing these traits to her new role at ScanForce!

More About Kimberly

A resident of the Finger Lakes area of Central New York, Kimberly enjoys outdoor activities, including adventure walks, canoeing, and fishing, as well as reading and playing the piano. She lived in Japan as an exchange student before college, and she was able to go back recently and enjoy the Japanese culture, which she loves. Kimberly is a mom of three amazing kids and a dog mom to her black lab, Luna, who loves the new work-from-home arrangement that keeps Kimberly close by. When she tells you her officemate snores a lot, don’t look at us!

Kimberly is an energetic, positive person who fits right in at ScanForce. We’re excited to see her impact on our organization. Welcome, Kimberly!


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