Achieve True Sales Mobility With ScanForce Mobile Sales

In a world where the concept of Mobility grows each minute, you need a solution that provides true Mobility. Not being ‘tethered’, physically or by a requirement for a connection, is a critical aspect of a solution that allows you to be completely mobile.

ScanForce’s Mobile Sales lets you do just what the name suggests – sell in a mobile environment. The flexibility of what ScanForce offers sets this solution apart from other selling solutions. From the vast options of devices to use – iOS and Android to smartphones, tablets, and rugged devices – we’ve got you covered.

Stay connected…or don’t!

ScanForce Mobile Sales is flexible in that it allows you to function whether you’re connected to a network, disconnected in the middle of nowhere, or in a wireless void of a trade show. Our advanced technology provides you with data at your fingertips – literally.

When connected you can transmit data instantly with a seamless connection to your Sage 100 or Sage 100cloud system. Access data real time from your mobile device and effortlessly send data back to your system.

When in a disconnected environment, ScanForce has your back. Innovative design loads data onto the mobile device allowing instant data validation and data look-up even when disconnected. Our advanced programs compress the data files, taking into account the amount of data needed on the device, while not compromising any performance or speed. Create transactions all day (or even for several days) and then send back to Sage once connected either via WiFi, cellular, or docked at a PC.

Easy to use, feature-rich, and cost effective. Instant data access, Credit Card Processing, integration to Avalara AvaTax, Mobile Receipt Printing/Emailing, Customer Look-up, Previous Purchase History…the list goes on.

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