EDI in the Warehouse

At ScanForce, we understand warehouse management. We’ve worked with hundreds of warehouse operations, and we often spot trends that inspire us to improve our solutions to better meet our customers’ needs.

One such case is with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). In recent years, our customers have seen increasing popularity of EDI requirements with retailers. Manual reporting and compliance processes can be a huge burden on a Sage 100 customer who may not have extra resources to dedicate to all the detailed paperwork that goes along with working with large retailers.

In response to this trend, ScanForce has partnered with SPS Commerce (formerly MAPADOC), a leading provider of EDI solutions for Sage 100, to integrate your warehouse management and EDI.

SPS Commerce already streamlines the creation of EDI orders in your Sage 100 system, and once those orders are in your system, a streamlined picking process will get those orders out accurately and efficiently.

Orders from Sage 100 are automatically available for picking within ScanForce. Items are verified as they are scanned along with the cases they are being placed into. This is all performed at the point-of-activity without requiring any additional interaction with a computer.

Once the data is sent, SPS Commerce’s Edit Order Package & Label Data is populated, and your case labels and packing lists can automatically print without any additional user interaction, allowing the you to apply the case labels immediately.

Bar code scanning confirms that the right merchandise from the order is being picked every time. With the ability to scan the products as they are being placed into cartons/cases, this ensures that the case detail is captured quickly and accurately, eliminating costly chargebacks and the inherent costs that are incurred by shipping errors.

Contact us to learn more about how you can about achieve complete warehouse automation with integrated WMS and EDI from ScanForce and SPS Commerce.


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