Meet Our Newest Team Member – Joseph O’Brien

ScanForce Technical Support

Welcome Joseph to the ScanForce Team

We are pleased to announce our latest new hire, Joseph O’Brien, who joins us as a Technical Support Specialist. 

About Joseph

Joseph brings a strong background for the position that includes several roles in technical support, most recently for a manufacturing ERP software. In fact, he worked with our other recent hire, Yoko Kowaas, and came highly recommended by her for the job. Most of our new hires come from employee recommendations, and we’re always pleased when our team wants to share the ScanForce experience with their friends and former colleagues!

In addition, Joseph says being able to help people in a support role is a great feeling. He loves to use his technical knowledge to dig in and find solutions to problems. While he has nothing but good things to say about his previous employer, he also appreciates the fact that ScanForce has a “small company” feel because he can feel like a valued member of the team who’s able to make a difference.

Fun Facts

Joseph lives in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area, where he enjoys anything computer-related and particularly gaming. In fact, he has a degree in game design, and he’s known to design his own games in his spare time. When he’s playing games, he prefers story-driven games. He’s also into watching movies and reading. He went to a trade school for construction, and woodworking and remodeling are also hobbies of his.

Joseph is excited to join the team where he sees there is room to grow and is excited to see where it goes. And speaking of rooms, his home office has a ScanForce-orange wall! With his strong background in both technical support and ERP software, Joseph is an ideal fit for our team, and we’re excited to see him make an impact on our company, customers, and partners’ success!


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